CONSTRUCIT Outlet Take-Over Series

The CONSTRUCIT Outlet Take-Over Series are an insight into what core CONSTRUCIT is all about: transforming the current arena of the construction industry into a digitized virtual world of connectivity and transparency. The current real-time outlet take-overs focus on two primary features: complete transparency about price deductions and promotions, while enabling a clear display of the products featured. The eventual progression of the Outlet Take-Over Series is complete digitization where the products are solely listed online, with their marked down prices, ready to be purchased through CONSTRUCIT’s online channel.


The free consultancy service includes material consumption estimation, recommendations from professional servicemen in case of any damages and/or poor installation, suggestions to repair/amend, innovative design ideas and solutions, recommendations for alternative/substitute materials, appropriate budget proposals, cost assessments and relevant vendor/retailer recommendations.

Free Consultancy

CONSTRUCIT Free Consultancy offers a range of professional advisory and consultative services which include all-encompassing factions of construction services, raw material and cost related requests. The CONSTRUCIT community has, over the course of the last few months, organically transformed itself into an autopilot-operative mode of suggestions and prompt recommendations. The CONSTRUCIT Free Consultancy, thus, is now a focused and an integrated approach towards powering this system over an online channel – completely free of cost.

  • design ideas and

  • Cost

  • Recommendations from

  • Material


We are proud to be equipped with an all-encompassing portfolio of our brilliant collaborators and associates from all across the country. We are very delighted to be in official collaboration with a multitude of esteemed businesses and various design brands, all working tirelessly to contribute to this ever-growing network of business , retailers, consumers and vendors.




We are rapidly growing every day; from the pioneers of the industry, to medium and small enterprises, down to the sole traders, all amalgamating into a cohesive network of commerce. We have effectively begun to proliferate into an intensively active e-market of swift communication , rapid response, online buying and selling – all routing through the official business network of CONSTRUCIT.