our services

CONSTRUCIT, as the name itself suggests, is the automation of the construction industry of
Pakistan. This alludes to all construction-related services to be available at your fingertips,
whether you need to hire an architect for your project, or kick-start your home renovation.

You can seamlessly select from an assortment of services like renovation, maintenance
and/or repair, graphic design, purchasing, installation and more.

Interior Designing

Who does not want to plan and design their personal space? Especially when it becomes this easy to acquire the perfect interior designer to work on the same creative wavelength as you. Delve into a world of colour, fabric and texture and design away.


With time, as everyone has become increasingly particular about personalisation, you can select from a myriad of architects, sorted by budget, scale and scope of work. You can explore, fantasize and execute the unexpected – all with fascinating speed and ease. Make all your architectural dreams come true!

Graphic Designing

When your dreams are splayed out on the screen, undergoing rendering, final finishes and last minute adjustments; it is an incredibly satisfying experience. Book a consultancy session and/or discussion with ace graphic designers from our ever-growing network of experts.


A quick fix is all we need; but in order to get to this point, we often have to go through a string of futile contact persons but you no longer have to jump through hoops, you can now immediately liaise with our network of dependable professionals for all maintenance and repair jobs.


We all want our antiquities and our favourite interior finishes to magically revert to their original lustre – the process of renovation is, more often than not, a lot more personal than we realise. The heart of design lies within the peculiarities. With our professionals and experts, you can be sure to get top-notch, custom-made experience.

3D Design

With experts and trained specialists from the field of 3D software architectural designers, you can make swift progress in your projects. Narrow down designers based on budget, scale of project, cost and time frame.

Purchasing, Shipping & Installing

CONSTRUCIT aims to deliver the complete package: from purchasing, to delivery and all the way to the final installation, we are equipped with all the necessary means to get the job done.

Project Management

Zipping through multiple projects, ensuring all material is ordered at the right time can be a daunting task – especially when you are strapped for time. Let us help you with our certified team of experts who can manage your projects for you – with well-practised proficiency and hands-on skill.